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Our library

Our library

These are the principles that underpin the role of the library in our school community:

  • live by integrity 
  • learn from experience 
  • lead by example.

Library Mural  

We were thrilled to welcome the exceptionally talented Breakaway Art's, Sam Wortelhock to Riverbank,  to paint a mural to inspire our students. For two decades, Sam has worked with the NSW Education Department; travelling to schools to ignite the imaginations of students and open them to the wonders of their culture and environment.

Sam’s mural was inspired by our Riverbank journey.  The views to the mountains and our students love of books. It was painted over three days and will forever inspire our students and community.

In Sam’s words,  

"This is my all-time favourite. Painted for Riverbank Public School’s Library. This is a multi-cultural school in the western suburbs of Sydney. The mural depicts the First Australians and their oral story of The Three Sisters. The characters out of Rabbit Proof Fence listen and one sister takes off on her journey. There she meets the children who came to Australia in the time since. The books symbolise the importance of owning story to not only change the ending but to unite humanity as one. "

The length of the video is 5 minutes.  

Future learners and global citizens

Useful guides for students and parents:


Premier's Reading Challenge

We encourage all students to participate in the Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC). It is not a competition but a vehicle for fostering wide reading and a love of quality literature. All reading records must be logged via the PRC website. 

Students who complete the challenge and log the required number of books, will have their records validated by the PRC coordinator and certificates will be issued in Term 4.

For more information, visit the Premier's Reading Challenge website. 

Library monitors

Library monitors play an important leadership role in our school. They have several responsibilities within the library and must manage their time and organisation skills to ensure they execute their role punctually and with diligence.

Book club

Our school supports the Scholastic Book Club which is a fantastic way for children to access quality books at an affordable cost with the added bonus of supporting our school in the purchasing of resources. 

There are a total of 8 book club issues on offer each year, two per term. 

The Linked Online Ordering and Payment (LOOP) system is a secure and convenient method for placing your child's book club order. Download the app now from the iTunes Store or Google Play.

For more information, visit the Scholastic Book Club website.